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Hi:) I love you blog and your awesome work and the pics of fawad & sonam are awesome coloring everything is perfect:) btw can you plz tell from where did you get those pics? can you give the original link??

Posted the scans here

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"If you work hard then eventually good things happen. At the end of the day it’s only a film. Whether it’s a relationship, a job or marriage there’s always a place to move on. That’s my attitude. Be a fighter or you’ll get screwed!" - Sonam Kapoor

"I hate that attitude of people who believe you are a circus animal and they can take your pictures from any angle they want. Then there are people who float stuff about your personal life. But I guess, you have to get used to it." - Fawad Khan 

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Khoobsurat Reaction Gifs-Part 2

❝ She is a great person and I enjoyed working with her. The environment on the sets was very homely and I didn’t face any problem at any stage. - Fawad Khan
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Bollywood SongsKun Faya Kun

sajra savera mere tann barse, kajra andhera teri jalti lau

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#FawadFever : Reading fans messages. 
Gifting this is such a pleasure. :)

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How to embarass Fawad Afzal Khan-Sonam Kapoor..

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apne hi rang mein,

mujhko rang de.

dheeme dheeme rang de,

mujhko rang de..

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The world - the bollywood edition II. (+ more countries added)
» inspired by: this

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Cant wait to watch this!! All my favourite boys are here!!!
The mischievous monkeys LOL! 

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