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"The bird has taken flight. It has soared high up and from here all landscape is the same landscape, all people look the same. He has no control on the journey now, now gusts of unseen breeze will guide him. They will take him to strange places in the world outside, and in the world inside." - Imtiaz Ali (excerpt from the first draft of the script)


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↳ meenama asked i hate luv storys or yeh jawaani hai deewani? 

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Time waits for no one. It flies past us and we get left behind and before I get left too far behind, I want to spend some time with you. You make me happy Naina.

Adhoori adhoori adhoori kahaani, adhoora alvida

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The mass murder of Armenians, my people, is occuring right now in Kessab, an area in Syria. Turkish, Syrian, and many Islamic rebel groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda are currently demolishing their churches, homes, and cutting of their heads, raping the women, etc.

Most of you do not know, but this exact thing occurred 100 years ago, in 1915.

The is the Armenian Genocide, all over again.

Please spread the word and #SAVEKESSAB 

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Bollywood Crackships:

►{SonamxVarun| HrithikxDeepika| AliaxRanveer| AdityaxKareena| KatrinaxSiddharth| RanbirxSonakshi| ShraddhaxArjunR.| FarhanxPriyanka| KanganaxShahid}
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boyfriend-kapoor: No dear you are not BIASED. I did watch that KWK episode too. I agree SONAM did sound bit self obsessed but I do agree on lots of things with her. Yes ALIA does dress old for her age at times, PARI looks better in flowy dress than really off tight pants or dresses and BECAUSE DEEPIKA has the ability , she should try to bring more individuality to her fashion. OH AND YES HER PR IS SUPER ANNOYING. And its not on the actress to pick what they wear, mostly stylist select it. And hang in there <3

Thank you for support ^_^_^

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I’m pregnant with Ranbir Kapoor’s child

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Anonymous: I'm sorry I just have to say this out but besides those two looks mentioned previously Deepika was seen back in 2010 wearing the same dress that Sonam had on during the forever famous KWK interview they did together, a couple of weeks later. Yes Sonam has been seen wearing dresses that other actresses have worn too but 99% of the time her styling is very much her own & can't be duplicated.

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Anonymous: You know what I found hilarious about that compilation picture of supposed "Sonam copying other actresses" is the fact that Deepika was seen TWICE during Chenai Express promotions wearing sari's that were similar as the one's Sonam was seen in during Raanjhanaa promotions e.g. Yellow - Sonaakshi Raaj & Atsu Sekhose sari. I don't know why people are trying to come after her in regards to fashion because lets face it Sonam knows her stuff & she has designers coming to her first as simple as that.


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